Powerhunt ATS

An excellent employee referral program!!

As competition for talent continues to get intense, so does the need for better employee referral strategies.

With an advanced employee referral program of our software, your current employees can be your company’s best hiring source. Candidates who are referred to your organization are more likely to turn into employees, resulting in a more effective and efficient hiring process.

PowerHunt allows employees to share openings with talented candidates they know. Employees and co-workers can refer jobs to the right people in their networks who can share further with people they know. As a result, you are quickly able to reach your target candidates in a very cost-effective and efficient manner. Referrers can directly add candidates to the ATS software thus developing your candidate pipeline more efficiently. And our source tracking tools help you optimize your referral program by showing you what's giving results and what isn't.

With PowerHunt, you can also keep in touch with your referrers throughout the entire hiring process with the help of your recruitment software and applicant tracking system. If the candidate they referred has progressed in the recruiting funnel and has an interview scheduled, you can keep the referring employee informed through the system. This enables the referring employees to quickly see the impact of their contribution in company’s hiring process while tracking the performance of their referrals.